Understanding Visa Fraud

Interestingly, many people still fall victim to immigration scams. This often happens because, as Nigerians, we tend to prefer backdoor routes and shortcuts. We sometimes try to pay our way through if possible. For some, it’s simply due to ignorance. Consequently, many visa agents in Nigeria take advantage of this by feeding people unbelievable lies to extort exorbitant amounts of money without fulfilling their promises. Many of these victims later seek our help, but often, the damage has already been done. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

We have compiled a list of statements that visa agents often use. If you hear any of these statements, it’s likely a scam, so please be cautious:

It’s 100% guaranteed: No one can guarantee a visa will be issued. A professional can only increase your chances.

I’ll provide bank statements and documents: Using fake documents will not only lead to your application being rejected but can also result in a lifetime ban.

Let’s lie: Providing false information can significantly harm your application’s success. It’s better to seek professional advice and explain your situation truthfully.

I know someone on the inside: Embassy staff are highly reputable individuals who cannot be bribed.

I have government connections: This is another common scam tactic agents use.

You should seek professional advice from a competent travel consultant and wait until you have a strong application before applying.

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