Traveling With Little Cash Is A No No

When traveling abroad, the Immigration Officer at the port of entry often asks about the amount of cash you have on you for your stay. They often want to find out if you have enough cash for their period of stay in the country. Traveling with little or no cash is a big no-no.

Many people’s visas have been canceled and sent back to Nigeria as a result. You must have the cost to cover your food, hotel accommodation, and general expenses. If you are staying with someone, the expense will be less. Nevertheless, you still need to have some funds. The fund you need also depends on your length of stay. If you are staying for 2 weeks you will need more money than when staying for 7 days. Also, the city you will stay in is important. Some cities are more expensive than others. For example, if you are staying in New York you will need more cash than if staying in Arizona.

The Immigration Officer makes these assessments quickly and decides if you have enough money. If you are deemed not to have enough money, the officer will conduct a formal interview, and that spells the beginning of problems. Of course, it is always wise to say you have more money in your bank card.

We advise you always to assess the funds you will spend on your trip and ensure you have it with you.

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