Some Common Reasons Why and How You Can Fix Your Student Visa Been Rejected

Has your student visa been rejected? Here are some common reasons why and how you can fix it.

Not including a letter of Acceptance:

To avoid this, double and triple-check that you have included your letter of acceptance (LOA) from a Canadian host school on Canada’s designated learning institutions list.

Financial Reasons:

Sometimes your visa application can be rejected if you don’t have enough money to pay tuition fees, lack funds for living expenses while studying in Canada, or are uncertain about your ability to pay for travel expenses.

Failure to leave the Country at the End of Your Studies:

Remember, your visa is a temporary visa, so a visa officer must trust that you will return to your country of residence at the end of your stay. A visa officer may look at your previous travel history, family ties to Canada, the purpose of your visit, and country of residence

Issues with Travel or Identity Documents:

Be sure to submit a valid passport, recent photos, and properly completed forms

Academic Performance:

Uneven grades or low scores on an English Language test can make a visa officer question your ability to cope in English-taught courses

Now, if your visa has been rejected, you can re-apply after addressing the reasons for the visa refusal and adding more documents to help increase your likelihood of acceptance.

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