Has Nigeria truly been Red Listed for the UK Health Care Visa

UK Health Care Visa – Red List

You would have heard popular news that Nigeria has been red-listed and not taking Health Care workers into the UK.

This is not quite true.

We are professionals and we will dig deep to research any immigration policy or point of the law.

This is the explanation. the WHO [World Health Organization] is concerned that Nigeria is short of doctors and health workers which is harming the health care system in the country. So Nigeria is placed on this list which is the red list. There are about 56 countries on this list.

The UK is obligated to follow the WHO directive not to take health workers from countries that have shortages so as not to impact them.

The UK now directed its health companies mainly the NHS not to actively seek to recruit from red-listed countries like Nigeria. It is not even a directive it is a code of practice.

This is against the news media report and the impromptu social media immigration advisers report. The UK is still processing healthcare visas. There are still thousands of health vacancies in the UK.

If you get a sponsorship – COS – or actively working to get one, you should proceed.

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