An airline ticket is a document or electronic record, issued by an airline or a travel agency that confirms that an individual is entitled to a seat on a flight on an aircraft. The airline ticket may be one of two types: a paper ticket, which comprises coupons or vouchers; and an electronic one.  Airline tickets are important documents that confirm a passenger has a seat on a flight. The ticket includes important information about the passenger and the flight that they will take. The ticket is exchanged for a boarding pass during the check-in process, and this permits the passengers to board the plane. All airline tickets include the same information; name of the passenger, airline that issued the ticket, ticket number, valid date, origin and destination cities, flight number, baggage allowance (not always printed on the ticket), cost (not always printed on the ticket), taxes (not always printed on the ticket), code that shows the fare basis, policy for changes and refunds, payment method, exchange rate if necessary, breakdown of costs. There are local and international airlines. Local airlines are; Ibom airlines, Arik airlines, Green airlines, Aero Contractor, Azman Airlines, and Max airlines. International Airlines are; Ethiopian airlines, Turkish airlines, Qatar Airways, Emirate airlines, British Airways, Kenya Airways, Egypt Airways, Lufthansa airlines, Virgin Atlantic, China airlines, Air Canada, Delta airlines, Rwanda Air, and many more. Some airlines fly both locally and internationally, such as Air Peace Airlines.