To many people, cruising is fun. It’s an opportunity for you to forget about work or a packed schedule and get back in touch with your playful side. In general, cruises are designed for the enjoyment of their passengers and often include nightly entertainment and an assortment of onboard activities. An Ocean Cruise is typically on a much larger ship usually with 3,000 to 4,000 passengers, some ships will accommodate up to 6,000 passengers. River Cruise ships are much smaller usually with 150 to 225 passengers. Luxury cruise vessels provide a 5-star service that can’t be replicated elsewhere. They are purpose-built specifically to satisfy high-end sailing demand. In a world where quality and class are more pervasive than ever, it’s no surprise luxury cruising continues to rule the seas for many passengers. One of the main differences between river cruises and their ocean counterparts is ship size. River vessels are much smaller than ocean cruisers as they have to navigate shallow rivers and locks, whereas ocean ships, as the name suggests, are large enough to sail effortlessly across vast stretches of water. Ocean cruising is an incredible way to explore many parts of the world