Apply for Canada visa now

At the best of times getting a Canada visa is hard. Many people aspire to travel and live in Canada. There is a window of time when the embassy issues lots of visas and the success rate goes up.

It is wise to take advantage of this opportunity. Even if you are not ready to apply, it is best to apply during this window. This type of opportunity may not come around again for many years.

Note that Canada is issuing a lot of visas at this time even to people who will normally be refused or do not qualify. This is why you should apply now. Contact us ASAP.

Three (3) reasons you should apply for a Canada visa now

1.  The visa success rate is high now

2. Canada currently needs workers

3. It is easier to stay permanently in Canada

Types of Canada visa applications:

  1. Canada visit visa
  2. Canada student visa
  3. Canada work visa

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