Affidavits in visa application – How relevant it is

Many people use affidavits as supporting documents in their visa applications. Many often think affidavits are a replacement of original papers or strong evidence that what is stated in the affidavit is essentially true. The fact is that the visa officers do not see it like this.

An affidavit is a statement to the court that a situation is true. The visa officers see that the applicant is telling the court what to write, hence, it does not necessarily mean the situation is true. In visa applications, documents evidence the true situation, not affidavits. More so, visa officers reviewing visa applications from Nigeria know that affidavits are easy to get in Nigeria and often brought by the roadside.

Therefore, it is better to clearly explain a situation or why you don’t have a certain document rather than wasting time getting an affidavit. Hence in relation to visa application affidavit is useless.

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